Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of my most commonly asked questions

Q. What services can you provide?

A. Predominantly I provide a pet sitting service, however, for more information on all the services I provide please see here: services.

Q. Do I need to provide you with a set of keys?

A. Yes, I will need keys to enter your property. I am happy to keep hold of a set of keys (held in a safe, with encoded tags) if you require my services on a regular basis, or they can be return or collected from me on your return.

Q. Can you give my pet its medication?

A. Yes, as a fully trained veterinary nurse I am qualified to give your pet various medications, including treatments such as insulin injections if you’re pet requires them. I am especially good at giving tablets, having lots of different methods to help make it as relaxed as possible.

Q. My pet requires special food is this ok?

A. Yes, I am happy to follow dietary instruction for your pets if needed. I have used lots of different foods and can offer advice on the right diets for your animal’s needs. I am happy weighing out the food if necessary and feeding pets separately too.

Q. How long does each pet visit last?

A. This really depends on how many animals you have that require pet sitting care. A typical visit for a single animal such as a cat lasts up to15 minutes. I can also provide longer visits at additional costs if this is something you would like.

Q. Can you stay in the house overnight?

A. No, unfortunately I only provide daytime and evening pet sitting visits. I am happy to switch on any home security systems you have for your peace of mind.

Q. How do I book visits?

A. To book a pet sitting visit, please email me with your requirements using my online booking form.

Q. Do you work with dogs?

A. At the moment I only do one off visits for dogs, to let them in the garden if you are out for the day. I cannot provide visits for longer periods as I do not do dog walking at present. I do also provide other services that include dogs. Please see my services page and my links page for recommended dog sitters, walkers and kennels.

Q. Do I need to book in advance?

A. It’s advisable to enquire and book well in advance as I do get fully booked, particularly around holiday periods. I require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice; however I will do my best to accommodate for emergency situations.

Q. I have a lot of pets will this be a problem?

A. No, not at all, I can cater for a number of animals. I like to get as much information about all your pets so that I can look after them all properly, and care for each one individually. I charge depending on amounts of animals, so the more animals you have the higher the price will be. This is because I will need to dedicate more time to thoroughly care for all your pets. Please email me for details.

Q. Is there a maximum duration period that you will provide pet care for?

A. No, I’ll happily look after your pets for as long as you need me too. Some pet owners have previously been taken ill and I have provided my services for monthly periods at a time. If this is the case I can arrange discounted prices for longer periods.

Q. Do my pets need to be vaccinated?

A. I do not require your pets to be vaccinated in order for you to use my pet care services, however, I would recommend that all pets receive their necessary vaccinations. Please email me for advice if you are unsure about vaccinating your pets.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. My service is based in Fleet Hampshire but I cover the local surrounding areas too. Please check my “areas covered” page to see if your area is there.

Q. Can I have updates on my pets whilst I am away?

A. Yes, I will happily send you a text message, email, or private Facebook message to keep you updated on your pets while you are away. Please keep messages within normal working hours, unless it’s in the event of an emergency.