Here’s why Emma’s Pet Care is highly rated… A sample of testimonials from my many happy clients

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I am so happy I found Emma

“I am so happy I found Emma. She is so friendly and made me feel at ease from the moment I met her. She has a way with animals, and my cats immediately took to her. She looks after my two quite regularly as I go away a lot on business, and she texts me with regular updates, as I am such a worrier. Emma lets my cats out every morning and then locks the cat flap at night, making sure they are in safe.

I know my babies are in the best hands when I am away and would highly recommend Emma’s unique service.”

Miss J Hutton, with Ben and Jerry

Emma was happy to be flexible

“Emma looked after our chickens recently whilst we went on holiday. We have 12 hens and 1 cockerel that need to be locked away when it gets dark, as we have a big problem with foxes where we live. Emma was happy to visit just as it was getting dark, when the chickens take themselves off to bed.

As the seasons change, the chickens go to bed at different times depending on the time of year, sometimes it can be quite late during the summer. Emma was happy to be flexible to accommodate us during the year, and we are now planning our next trip away!”

Mr and Mrs Flemming

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She comes highly recommended by my lot!

“I was worried I wouldn’t find someone to take care of my lot when I went away, I have quite a collection, bearded dragons, snakes, and a grumpy uromastyx. Not many people I know are happy to feed my scaly family, as it involves live crickets and mealworms, and dead mice for the snakes. Emma has experience with reptiles and was happy to feed them what they needed. She comes highly recommended by my lot!”

Stuart Sullivan (and the house of reptiles)

I don’t know what I would do without her

“As I go away regularly with business, I needed a pet carer that could visit quite regularly, a couple of days at a time. I have an indoor rabbit called Kale and he is my baby. I needed to know that when I’m away he is cared for, and knowing that Emma is a veterinary nurse just gives me that extra comfort. He is truly spoilt between Emma and I, I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Katie and Kale

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Emma worked with me to build up my confidence…

“When my Cat was diagnosed with kidney failure and I was told by the vets that he would need regular medication, I was worried about giving him the tablets, as I had never had to do anything like that before. Emma worked with me to build up my confidence when giving him the tablets. We tried a few different methods to find what was best for Teddy, and now it just fits into our daily routine, thanks to Emma’s Professional help.”

Mr M Butler (with Jerry the Cat) @ Fleet

She is a star

“Emma’s Service is Professional and friendly, she is a star”

Miss Portch

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I would definitely recommend her

“Emma’s tailored service is just what I needed for my rat’s, She was just great with them. I would definitely recommend her.”

Mr D Lucas

I was so grateful for all the care that Emma gave to him

“When I was away on my last holiday, my cat became ill, Emma noticed that he had gone off his food and was not going outside, seeming quite scared. On closer inspection, Emma discovered that he had an abscess at the base of his tail that had made him develop a slightly higher temperature. Emma contacted me straight away and then she arranged an appointment at our veterinary surgery. She took him to the vets and then continues to monitor him and check the wound once he had been allowed home. She kept me updated regularly on his progress. I was so grateful for all the care that Emma gave to him. I knew that he was made more comfortable because Emma was quick to act in getting him to the vets. Thank you Emma”

Lauren Mears

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I couldn’t be happier

“My guinea pigs are very wriggly and their nails get so long, I find it really hard to cut them myself and they hate going to the vets, it’s something that I used to really worry about. So when I discovered that Emma cuts nails, I couldn’t be happier. She was confident holding them still and cutting all of their nails. It has made my life so much easier.”

Miss L Allen